Have you ever imagined the importance of light in your life?

Take a second, close your eyes and try to create a world covered by shadows…

We rarely think of how important light really is for many of our daily activities. But light carries energy that activates and detains processes, initiating cycles that have permitted the development of life as we know it. Without the light that the Earth receives from the Sun, the planet would be just a lifeless rock, spinning silently in a dark space.

“The Universe of Light” is an exhibition that seeks to turn your attention to the light and the importance of its study, showing its properties and how we use it to create new technologies.

An inspiration

The use of shapes and colors to express emotions and ideas brought mankind to relate certain color patterns with feelings, generating complex compositions and rich interpretations. Architecture, dance, film, photography, music and other forms of communication use light to express feelings, create spaces, to recreate a time or show beauty. Artists of all ages have sought to give intensity to their work, creating atmosphere of mystery, joy, peace or ecstasy using shadows and lights.