The exhibition, supported by the Center for Optics and Photonics, since its opening in October 2007 has proved the interest existing in the Chilean society to approach science in a fun way.

After a successful participation in the Interactive Museum Mirador in Santiago and in the International Fair of Maule Region, FITAL 2011, “The Universe of Light” marked the beginning of an unprecedented year in its history, surpassing 21 thousand visitors in three months.

Only during its 11 days in FITAL 2011, where appeared along 450 other exhibitors, the exhibition captured the attention of more than 18 thousand people, breaking all records and surpassing the 150 thousand visitors accumulated during its three years or traveling through 25 cities of the country.

According to reports from Fabiola Padilla, manager of the exhibition, during the last opening the tours around the experiments had to be shortened to periods of 30 minutes to get to all the people who came to the place. She also said that the next destination will be the Interactive Center of Arts Science and Technology (CICAT) in the city of Coronel, where will remain for three months.