After a long journey, “The Universe of Light” of the Center for Optics and Photonics (CEFOP) of the University of Concepción finally arrived at Easter Island and had its inauguration the evening of October 11 in the events center, Takarua.

The ceremony was attended by the Rapa Nui community, as well as Dr. Carlos Saavedra, Scientific Director of CEFOP; Dr. Rolando Hernández, Technology Development Director, CEFOP; José Santiago Arellano, Director of Explora CONICYT; Francisco Ruiz, Air Brigade General (FACH); Patricio Silva, provincial governor of Easter Island; and Francisco Torres, Director of the Padre Sebastián Englert Anthropological Museum.

Carlos Saavedra commented from the island that the ceremony was very symbolic, with the participation of civil authorities and with the presence of members of the Chilean Air Force, who were there on a medical mission, teachers and island residents.  He added that the local authorities emphasized the importance of the exhibition, as it “opens up new possibilities for local students and teachers to approach scientific activity.”

The exhibit was open to the public on Saturday, October 15, and was visited by around a hundred persons.

In respect to the opening of “The Universe of Light,” Dr. Saavedra said he hopes for, “a very good response from residents and tourists of Easter Island in the following weeks.  In this way, we will close a cycle of the exhibit, in which we have covered an important number of cities and towns in Chile.”

José Santiago Arellano emphasized that this is a very important achievement by the Center for Optics and Photonics, principally for the inclusion of isolated zones in the exhibition itinerary. “The island residents commented to us that it has been five years since the last visit of a scientific exhibition.”