Modeling and Compensating Non-Uniformity in Push-broom NIR Hyperspectral Imaging System

Pablo Meza, Jorge E. Pezoa and S.N Torres


In this paper, a novel pixel-based model for the response of push-broom near infrared (NIR) hyperspectral cameras based on focal-plane array (FPA) photo-detectors is proposed. The model focuses on practical issues affecting the system response, such as the spatial and spectral non-uniformity (NU) observed in NIR hyperspectral imaging systems, and its novelty relies on considering the operating temperature of the FPA as a signal perturbing the response of the entire system. These effects have been estimated by experimental procedures. The applicability and accuracy of the proposed model has been assessed by mitigating for the spatial and spectral non-uniform responses of a real NIR hyperspectral imaging sequence.