Diffractionfree image transmission in kagome photonic lattices

R.A. Vicencio and Cristian Mejía-Cortés


We study the propagation of non-diffracting images in kagome photonic lattices. In a
weak-coupling regime (discrete approach), the linear spectrum is composed by only three
bands, including a completely degenerated and flat one. The states forming this special band
are well localized in space and constitute building blocks for this lattice. By linearly
combining these non-diffractive fundamental modes, different shapes can be composed and,
therefore, a given image will propagate without distortion. As an example, we compare the
linear propagation of a particular image for kagome and rectangular lattices. At the end, we
test our concept by performing numerical simulations in a continuous kagome potential.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/