Simultaneous rotation, orientation and displacement control of birefringent microparticles in holographic optical tweezers

Augusto Arias, Sebastian Etcheverry, J.P. Staforelli, Maria Jose Gallardo, P. Solano and Halina Rubinsztein-dunlop
OPTICS EXPRESS 21, 1 (2013)


We report the experimental implementation of a new method for generating multiple dynamical optical tweezers, where each one of them is generated with an independent linear polarization state with arbitrary orientation. This also allows an independent simultaneous polarization-rotation control. The laser beam, both for generating multiple traps and polarization control, has been modulated using a single reflective nematic liquid crystal with parallel alignment. We present experimental results of controlled displacement, orientation and rotation of birefringent particles. In addition, a simple method for estimating and canceling out the primary astigmatism present in the system is presented.