Experimental characterization of qutrits using SIC-POVMs measurements.

F. A. Torres-Ruiz


Generalized quantum measurements (also known as POVMs) are of great importance in quantum information and quantum foundations, but often dicult to perform. We present an experimental approach which can in principle be used to perform arbitrary POVMs in a linear-optical context.
One of the most interesting POVMs, the SIC-POVM, is the most compact set of measurements that can be used to fully describe a quantum state. We use our technique to carry out the rst experimental characterization of the state of a qutrit using SIC-POVMs. Because of the highly symmetric nature of this measurement, such a representation has the unique property that it permits
all other measurement outcomes to be predicted by a simple extension of the classical Bayesian sum rule, making no use of complex amplitudes or Hilbert-space operators. We demonstrate this approach on several qutrit states encoded in single photons.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevA.83.051801