Experimental quantum tomography of photonic qudits via mutually unbiased basis

G. Lima, L. Neves, R. Guzmán, E. S. Gómez, W.A.T. Nogueira , A. Delgado, A. Vargas and C. Saavedra
OPTICS EXPRESS 19, 4 (2011)


We present the experimental quantum tomography of 7- and
8-dimensional quantum systems based on projective measurements in the
mutually unbiased basis (MUB-QT). One of the advantages of MUB-QT is
that it requires projections from a minimal number of bases to be performed.
In our scheme, the higher dimensional quantum systems are encoded using
the propagation modes of single photons, and we take advantage of the
capabilities of amplitude- and phase-modulation of programmable spatial
light modulators to implement the MUB-QT.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1364/OE.19.003542