A New Reference-free Infrared Image Quality Metric for Nonuniformity Correction

P. Meza , E. Vera, Sebastián Godoy and S.N Torres
WMSCI 2010 (2010)


Infrared imaging suffer from an undesired fixed-pattern noise
mainly due to the response disparity of the individual detectors
in a focal-plane array. Even though this nonuniformity noise
can be removed after a blackbody calibration procedure, it
tends to reappear due to the intrinsic nature of infrared sensing. Online nonuniformity correction techniques have been
employed for denoising and tracking the drift, also avoiding to
halt normal camera operations. In this paper, a new referencefree infrared imaging quality metric is presented. The main
purpose of the proposed metric is to evaluate the quality
of the denoised infrared images in real-time, exchanging the
typical need of calibration sources by the knowledge of the
fixed-pattern noise statistics. We compare the performance
of the proposed metric against standard reference-based and
reference-free metrics, using a variety of real-time nonuniformity correction techniques. Results show that the new metric
is able to track the nonuniformity correction performance,
constantly evaluating the quality of the denoised infrared
image sequences.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/