Hybrid photonic entanglement: Realization, characterization, and applications

L. Neves, G. Lima, A. Delgado and C. Saavedra
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 80, 4 (2009)


We show that the quantum disentanglement eraser implemented on a
two-photon system from parametric downconversion is a general method to
create hybrid photonic entanglement, namely the entanglement between
different degrees of freedom of the photon pair. To demonstrate this,
we generate and characterize a source with tunable degree of hybrid
entanglement between two qubits, one encoded in the transverse momentum
and position of a photon, and the other in the polarization of its
partner. In addition, we show that a simple extension of our setup
enables the generation of two-photon qubit-qudit hybrid entangled
states. Finally, we discuss the advantages that this type of
entanglement can bring for an optical quantum network.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevA.80.042322