Noise-cancellation–based nonuniformity correction algorithm for infrared focal-plane arrays

Sebastián Godoy, Jorge E. Pezoa and S.N Torres
APPLIED OPTICS 47, 29 (2008)


The spatial fixed-pattern noise (FPN) inherently generated in infrared (IR) imaging systems compromises
severely the quality of the acquired imagery, even making such images inappropriate for some
applications. The FPN refers to the inability of the photodetectors in the focal-plane array to render
a uniform output image when a uniform-intensity scene is being imaged. We present a noise-cancellation-
based algorithm that compensates for the additive component of the FPN. The proposed method
relies on the assumption that a source of noise correlated to the additive FPN is available to the IR camera.
An important feature of the algorithm is that all the calculations are reduced to a simple equation,
which allows for the bias compensation of the raw imagery. The algorithm performance is tested using
real IR image sequences and is compared to some classical methodologies.