Experimental scheme for unambiguous discrimination of linearly independent symmetric states

O. Jiménez, X. Sanchez-Lozano, B. Burgos-Inostroza, A. Delgado and C. Saavedra
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 76, 6 (2007)


We propose an experimental setup for discriminating four linearly independent nonorthogonal symmetric quantum states. The setup is based on linear optics only and can be configured to implement both optimal unambiguous state discrimination [Chefles and Barnett, Phys. Lett. A 250, 223 (1998)] and minimum error discrimination. In both cases, the setup is characterized by an optimal success probability. The experimental setup can be generalized to the case of discrimination among N linearly nonorthogonal symmetric quantum states. We also study the discrimination between two incoherent superpositions of symmetric states. In this case, the setup also achieves an optimal success probability in the case of unambiguous discrimination as well as minimum error discrimination.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/