Narrowband polarization-entangled photon pairs distributed over a WDM link for qubit networks

S. Sauge, M. Swillo, S. Albert-Seifried, G. B. Xavier, J. Waldeback, M. Tengner, D. Ljunggren and A. Karlsson


We present a bright, narrowband, portable, quasi-phase-matched two-crystal source generating polarization-entangled photon pairs at 809 nm and 1555 nm at a maximum rate of 1.2 × 106 s-1 THz-1 mW-1 after coupling to single-mode fiber. The quantum channel at 1555 nm and the synchronization signal gating the single photon detector are multiplexed in the same optical fiber of length 27 km by means of wavelength division multiplexers (WDM) having 100 GHz (0.8 nm) spacing between channels. This implementation makes quantum communication applications compatible with current high-speed optical networks.