Propagation of spatially entangled qudits through free space

G. Lima, L. Neves, I.F. Santos, J.G. Aguirre-Goméz, C. Saavedra and S. Pádua
PHYSICAL REVIEW A 73, 3 (2006)


We show the propagation of entangled states of high-dimensional quantum systems. The qudits states were generated using the transverse correlation of the twin photons produced by spontaneous parametric down-conversion. Their free-space distribution was performed at the laboratory scale and the propagated states maintained a high fidelity with their original form. The use of entangled qudits allow an increase in the quantity of information that can be transmitted and may also guarantee more privacy for communicating parties. Therefore, studies about propagating entangled states of qudits are important for the effort of building quantum communication networks.