Quantum error correction and quantum computation

G. Alber , A. Delgado and M. Mussinger
LASER PHYSICS 12, 4 (2002)


In order to stabilize quantum algorithms against decoherence one has to fulfill two requirements. Firstly, one has to develop an appropriate quantum error correcting code, Secondly, one has to find a set of suitable unitary quantum transformations acting on the physical qubits which preserve the properties of this error correcting quantum code and which allow the implementation of a universal set of quantum gates. This is a challenging task in particular if we restrict ourselves to a limited class of two-particle interactions by which the physical qubits can be controlled. For the special cases of four and six physical qubits we discuss a set of such quantum gates which satisfy these two conditions for the recently developed detected-jump correcting quantum codes [1]. These quantum codes are capable of stabilizing distinguishable qubits against decoherence arising from spontaneous decay processes.

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