From disordered crystal to glass – exact theory

M.I. Molina, Mattis DC and Jorge Yañez S.
PHYSICS LETTERS A 288, 5 (2001)


We calculate thermodynamic properties of a disordered model insulator, starting from the ideal simple-cubic lattice (g = 0) and increasing the disorder parameter g to much greater than 1/2. As in the earlier Einstein and Debye approximations, the ground state energy is discontinuous at g(c) = 1/2. For g < g(c) the low-T heat-capacity C similar to T-3, whereas for g > g(c), C similar to T. The van Hove singularities disappear at any finite magnitude g of the disorder. For g > 1/2 we discover novel fixed points in the self-energy and spectral density of this model glass. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.